"Welcome to the World of Being Human"
Version United States
Season Season 2
Episode Number 5/11 (018)
First Broadcast April 3, 2002
Episode Chronology
Previous "This Game Is About Minutes"
Next "I'm Gonna Take His Girl"

Welcome to the World of Being Human is the fifth episode of The Amazing Race 2.


The race intensifies as all of the remaining teams find themselves on the same airplane to Thailand.

Teams fly more than 6,000 miles from the deserts of Namibia to the exotic streets of Bangkok, Thailand, where they encounter a puzzling maze of cultural challenges. En route, tensions between two teams reach a boiling point.[1]


At the starts of the episode, Phil reveals that tension grew between Tara & Wil and Blake & Paige, with the latter telling the other teams they want the former out. A confrontation amounts to nothing being resolved and the teams eventually start out on the next leg of the race, with Oswald & Danny opening their clue first. To their excitement, they are heading to Thailand, with Oswald disclosing that he's been there once before. Tara & Wil are also excited since they have traveled their before as part of a business venture.

Blake & Paige, as a show of apology for beating them to the Pit Stop last leg, let Mary & Peach open their clue first, which they are happy about.

Chris & Alex are the last team to depart, further hindered by a speeding penalty they received in the last leg, but they are able to catch up with the other teams at the connecting flight. During the layover, Blake confronts Tara & Wil once again, but Wil refuses to listen to him.

Gary & Dave jump ahead of the pack at the airport and Tara & Wil are delayed when they debate whether they should wait for Chris & Alex so they can work together to figure out where the Shrine is. Meanwhile, Oswald & Danny lag behind in last place, but on their way to the next clue box they meet a local, named Fern, who agrees to come with them and help them for the day.

Gary & Dave continue their lead by reaching the Detour first and choosing Confusion Later. Alas, they, along with Blake & Paige, choose their wrong shrine for their car to burn at and take a few attempts to complete the task. This allows the allied Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil to catch up when they complete the Confusion Now detour with ease.

The same cannot be said for Cyndi & Russell, who have trouble navigating the streets of Thailand and are ultimately the last to complete the Detour.

Gary & Dave are the first to catch a bus out to Ratchaburi, followed by Chris & Alex who took a tuk-tuk to the station as opposed to a taxi like Tara & Wil. This gives them the edge they need to jump ahead and they not only catch up to Gary & Dave, but pass them when they find the temple easily while the former wander in the wrong direction.

Oswald & Danny bid farewell to Fern when they board the second-to-last bus to Ratchaburi. Cyndi & Russell are the last team to leave.

Chris & Alex are the first to complete the Roadblock, before any other team shows up, and they are consequently the first team to check in at the Pit Stop, much to their surprise and happiness. They are also the sole team to arrive before nightfall.

Tara & Wil have trouble getting to the temple, letting Mary & Peach, Blake & Paige and (finally) Gary & Dave bunch up at the Roadblock. Peach struggles navigating the temple and is the last of the group to complete it, but Tara & Wil arrive after they have already left for the Pit Stop.

Placement changes ensue as the four teams battle it out to the Pit Stop, but everyone is pleasantly surprised with their final placement, with the exception of Gary & Dave.

That leaves Oswald & Danny and Cyndi & Russell as the last two teams but, despite Oswald's trouble communicating with the locals and Cyndi's fear of bats when she attempts the Roadblock inhibiting her productivity, it is Oswald & Danny who check in first. Cyndi & Russell are eliminated, but not without some parting words about how strong their bond is and how great the race was.

Route Markers

The order of departure from Amani Lodge are as follows:

  1. Oswald & Danny (7:47 am)
  2. Tara & Wil (10:43 am)
  3. Gary & Dave (10:45 am)
  4. Blake & Paige (11:34 am)
  5. Mary & Peach (11:34 am)
  6. Cyndi & Russell (11:44 am)
  7. Chris & Alex (12:59 pm)

For speeding in the prior leg, Gary & Dave and Chris & Alex were both assessed 42-minute time-penalties. As a result, Gary/Dave dropped to third while it did not affect the placement of Chris & Alex.

Teams must fly to Bangkok, Thailand. After arriving, they must make their way to Siam Station via train to find the Erawan Shrine.

The instructions for the Fast Forward were found with their clue at the Erawan Shrine.

One member of the team must shave their head to receive their clue. No one took the task and was left unaired.

Choice A: Confusion Now
Teams will have to find a water taxi dock and figure out which water taxi will take them to a bird market. At the market, they have to purchase a cage of sparrows and release them for good luck.

Chris & Alex, Cyndi & Russell, Mary & Peach, and Tara & Wil chose this task.

Choice B: Confusion Later
Teams will have to take a taxi cab to a street in Chinatown. There they have to buy a paper car to burn as an offering to their ancestors at the Li Ti Bio shrine.

Blake & Paige, Gary & Dave, and Oswald & Danny chose this task.

Teams must take a bus to the Wat Kao Chong Phran temple in Ratchaburi.

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock will have enter a cave to retrieve their next clue. For precaution, they have to wear masks to protect themselves from bacteria.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must make their way to Ban Plai Pong Pang, a river house in Amphawa.


Team Pit Start Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport BTS Skytram Station Detour (Erawan Shrine) Sai Tai Mai Roadblock (Wat Kao Chong Phran) Pit Stop (Amphawa)
Chris & Alex 7th A C 4th 2nd B 1st 1st 1st
Mary & Peach 5th D 6th 5th C 2nd 4th 2nd
Tara & Wil 2nd C 3rd 3rd D 5th 5th 3rd
Blake & Paige 4th B 2nd 6th E 3rd 2nd 4th
Gary & Dave 3rd A 1st 1st A 4th 3rd 5th
Oswald & Danny 1st E 7th 4th F 6th 6th 6th
Cyndi & Russell 6th D 5th 7th G 7th 7th 7th

If teams took some mode of transportation, the ones that departed earlier are denoted with higher letters of the alphabet.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer in Non-Elimination Leg     Saved from elimination by the Salvage Pass or The Save     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward

 1st place 
Chris & Alex
Lifelong friends
 2nd place 
Mary & Peach
 3rd place 
Tara & Wil
Separated couple
 4th place 
Blake & Paige
 5th place 
Gary & Dave
Former roommates
 6th place 
Oswald & Danny
Best friends
Cyndi & Russell
Pastor/married parents


  • This episode's title was said by Mary, commenting on Blake & Paige's apology to her and Peach on cutting ahead of them in the previous leg.


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