Hey, fellow Amazing Race fans! I'm Linusblanket2100, one of TAR's biggest fans (or so I tell everyone :P). This blog is based on an idea I thought of while watching past seasons of the Amazing Race. What if each episode in the season was switched so that teams who placed first would be last, teams that placed last would be first and the teams within those boundaries would also be switched as well? Basically, if the order was abcde, when it is reversed it would become edcba, with e replacing a. I decided to try it with the new TAR season. I really love comments, so please leave a comment on if you think this order is better or worse compared to how the season is really playing out! This blog will be updated on the Saturdays following the episode air date.

In this version, the Save was awarded to the team that came in 4th on the first leg (Shelley and Nici). However, they did not use it.

Also note that U-Turn uses uses are not represented in this table.


Team Relationship Position (by leg)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Brooke Robbie The Wrestlers 8th 4th 4th 7th 4th 3rd 3rd 2nd 4th 1st 4th 1st
Keith Whitney Team Nashville 3rd 7th 7th 6th 1st 5th 5th 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 2nd
Shelley Nici Mother/Daughter 4th 2nd 6th 3rd 5th 1st 6th 5th 3rd 4th 2nd 3rd
Amy Maya Sweet Scientists 6th 3rd 5th 5th 2nd 2nd 4th 3rd 2nd 3rd 1st 4th
Tim Te Jay College Sweethearts 10th 6th 2nd 4th 6th 4th 1st 1st 5th
Dennis Isabelle The Dating Couple 5th 1st 8th 2nd 7th 6th 2nd 6th
Michael Scott The Firefighters 2nd 5th 1st 1st 3rd 7th
Kym Alli The Cyclists 9th 8th 3rd 8th 8th
Lisa Michelle Miami Realtors 1st 9th 9th
Adam Bethany Soul Surfers 7th 10th
Misti Jim The Denists 11th


Green means that the team won the leg.

Yellow means that the team did not arrive first, second-to-last or last.

Orange means the team arrived second-to-last.

Red means that the team was eliminated.

Purple means that the team was saved from elimination by a non-elimination leg.

Light Green means that the team used the Fast Forward.

An underlined leg number means that there was no mandatory rest period at the end of the leg. Teams instead continued onto the next leg of the race.

Who Replaced Who:

Lisa and Michelle replaced Misti and Jim in the first leg.

Dennis and Isabelle replaced Adam and Bethany in the second leg.

Michael and Scott replaced Lisa and Michelle/Misti and Jim in the third leg.

Keith and Whitney replaced Kym and Alli in the fifth leg.

Shelley and Nici replaced Michael and Scott/Misti and Jim in the sixth leg.

Tim and Te Jay replaced Dennis and Isabelle/Adam and Bethany in the eighth leg.

Keith and Whitney replaced Tim and Te Jay/Adam and Bethany in the ninth leg.

Brooke and Robbie replaced Amy and Maya in the twelfth leg.


If this were the way the season was actually playing out, would you be satisfied?

The poll was created at 18:15 on November 1, 2014, and so far 6 people voted.

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