Hey there, Amazing Race Wiki community! I am Ian, Wikia username IAmNothing712, and I'm once an avid Amazing Race fan, but I know my stuff, especially old seasons (lol). I am here to tell you guys I am interested in adopting this wiki, and by definition: be this site's new bureaucrat who will oversee the progress of this wiki. 

My proposed new wordmark for the wiki.

Seeing this Wiki reminded me of my early days as bureaucrat/admin at the Survivor Wiki: The site wasn't as maintained as it should, the site was run through anarchy, there were no active admins, and there were superfluous pages. I have proposed to the Wikia Staff to let me adopt this Wiki to help bring it to a glorified state, and I have fresh ideas on how to improve the site, such as a new workmark and wallpaper for the wiki, which I did on Photoshop some days ago. Some new additions I would want to propose:

  • Uniforming all pages with a certain manual of style;
  • Providing the wiki's front page with some pizzazz, by having a new layout.
  • Having season and team pages have objective history blurbs, discarding the "memorable moments" bit, which would be part of the opening paragraph for the pages; 
  • An improved leaderboard results chart;
  • Remove blurbs that are ripped from Wikipedia (if that's what you're going for, just go to Wikipedia instead);
  • Add new, capable and driven admins for the wiki;
  • Adding substantial information for the international versions;
  • Utilization of Wikia Maps to mark each season's route map;
  • Creation of episode pages 

To prove I really mean business, here is my edit history at the Survivor Wiki. Right now, I am working on season 1. Don't worry. Everything I did so far were experimental and are not permanent. Please tell me your thoughts about my pitch. Anything constructive is freely welcome. Thank you for your time. IAmNothing712 (talk) 15:55, December 4, 2014 (UTC)

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