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Uchenna & Joyce



Team Profile
Members Uchenna Agu
Joyce Agu
Age 40, 42 (Uchenna)
44, 46 (Joyce)
Hometown Houston, TX
Relation Married
Occupation Energy broker (Uchenna)
Sales manager (Joyce)

The Amazing Race 7

Legs Competed 12
Placement 1st

The Amazing Race: All-Stars (2007)

Legs Competed 9
Placement 5th

Uchenna Agu and Joyce Agu are a Married team on the 7th season of The Amazing Race, and the all-star season of The Amazing Race.


Season 7Edit

Uchenna & Joyce are a married Team from Houston, Texas, who are going through an extremely challenging period in their lives. Both worked for now-bankrupt companies that experienced highly publicized accounting scandals: Uchenna worked for Enron and Joyce worked for WorldCom. Uchenna and Joyce's primary motivation for participating in the Race is to regain some of the closeness they've lost during these trying times.

Uchenna grew up in Los Angeles and now works as an energy broker in Houston. Uchenna and his wife have been through some challenging financial and emotional times as of late. After several failed attempts to get pregnant, they tried in-vitro fertilization, but it was unsuccessful. Uchenna describes himself as competitive and extroverted, and he enjoys basketball, scuba diving and horseback riding.

Joyce was born in Mississippi and raised in San Diego, California. Following her own layoff from WorldCom, Joyce now works in sales in Houston. Joyce and Uchenna desperately want children, and their numerous failed attempts has caused tension within their relationship.

Both are adventurous and ready to compete. Both have hinted that if they won the Race they would use the prize money for additional in-vitro fertilization procedures.

All-Stars (2007)Edit

Uchenna and Joyce are one of the most beloved Teams from any season of Race. The winners of Season 7, Uchenna and Joyce were relentless and stopped at nothing to win the $1 million prize...including shaving their heads.

They have known each other for 16 years and have been married for seven of those. Both have admitted that the continued inability to start a family has caused a strain on their marriage, but are looking to the Race to get their relationship back on track.

This thrill seeking duo will stop at nothing to win the Race as they proved in Season 7, when without hesitation, they shaved their heads for good luck after partaking in the "Fast Forward" task. A decision that moved these tough competitors to the front of the pack and no doubt granted them a stroke of luck for the rest of the Race.

Uchenna describes himself as competitive, fair and charismatic, while Joyce claims to be caring, determined and sensitive. Will their competitive nature and luck be enough to propel them to another victory this time around?

The Amazing Race 7Edit

Race History Edit

  • Leg 1: 8th
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 8th
  • Leg 2: 4th
    • Started the leg in 8th place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Shine Shoes: Joyce
  • Leg 3: 2nd
    • Started the leg in 4th place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Argentine Feast: Uchenna
    • First to finish the Roadblock
    • However, they got lost finding the pit stop and settled for 2nd
  • Leg 4: 3rd
    • Started the leg in 2nd place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Gaucho Challenge: Joyce
    • Joyce gets tossed off the horse, twice
  • Leg 5: 6th
    • Started the leg in 3rd place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Baragwanath Market: Uchenna
  • Leg 6: 3rd
    • Started the leg in 6th place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Spear Throwing: Uchenna
  • Leg 7: 3rd
    • Started the leg in 3rd place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Move Logs: Uchenna
    • Originally arrived at the pit stop in 3rd, but were informed that they did not complete the Roadblock correctly and were told to finish it before they check in.
    • They discovered that Uchenna took the flag off the post without taking the post itself.
    • They corrected their mistake
    • Because of a sizeable lead over the other three teams, this mistake did not affect their placement.
  • Leg 8: (3rd) 1st (Fast Forward)
    • Started the leg in 3rd place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Search Boxes: Joyce
    • Were informed the leg isn't over
    • Icon-FastForward Joyce decided to have her head shaved to win the Fast Forward
    • Arrived at the pit stop in 1st.
  • Leg 9: 1st
    • Started the leg in 1st place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Storm the Fortress: Uchenna
  • Leg 10: 3rd
    • Started the leg in 1st place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Drive A Bus: Joyce
  • Leg 11: 3rd (Non-Elimination)
    • Started the leg in last place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Dance the Limbo: Joyce
    • Fell to last place on the way to the pit stop when their cab had a flat tire.

Uchenna & Joyce winning The Amazing Race 7.

  • Leg 12: 1st
    • Started the leg in last place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Jump Off Bridge: Uchenna

The Amazing Race: All-Stars (2007)Edit

  • Leg 1: 7th
    • Icon-Detour Wrangle It
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 7th.
  • Leg 2: 5th
    • Started the leg in 7th place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Boardroom Puzzle: Joyce
  • Leg 3: 2nd
    • Started the leg in 5th place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Fish Farming: Uchenna
  • Leg 4: 6th
    • Started the leg in 2nd place.
    • Icon-Roadblock Find Team Letter: Joyce
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 6th
    • Helped Charla & Mirna arrive in 7th place
  • Leg 5: 7th (Non-Elimination)
    • Started the leg in 6th place.
    • Uchenna performed the Roadblock
  • Leg 6: 3rd (30-minute penalty)
    • Started the leg in last place.
    • Uchenna performed the Roadblock
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 3rd and were assessed a 30-minute penalty for not arriving in 1st after being marked for elimination. It didn't affect their placement since Dustin & Kandice hadn't arrived yet.
  • Leg 7: 3rd
    • Started the leg in 3rd place.
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 3rd.
  • Leg 8: 1st (Fast Forward w/ Oswald & Danny)
    • Started the leg in 3rd place.
    • Icon-IntersectionSmall Teamed up with Oswald & Danny
    • Icon-FastForward Both teams won the Fast Forward
    • Icon-PitStop Checked in with Oswald & Danny to the pit stop by grouping together to earn 1st place
    • Oswald & Danny gave the pit stop prize to Uchenna & Joyce

Uchenna & Joyce were eliminated from the race in 5th Place after a risky flight connection they missed.

  • Leg 9: 5th (Eliminated)
    • Started the leg in 1st place with Oswald & Danny.
    • Unfortunately, their flight to Frankfurt landed ten minutes late and couldn't make their connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur in time and had to wait the next day for the next earliest flight
    • Arrived at the pit stop last and were eliminated.


  • The in vitro fertilisation (IVF) they talked about getting after winning Season 7 ultimately failed.
  • After the race, they founded a charitable children's organization in Houston, Texas. They hold, "The Great Raise," a Houston-version of the Amazing Race, where teams compete around the Houston area to win money for the charities.[1]
  • In a 2011 interview, Joyce revealed that she and Uchenna were divorced. However, they still remain good friends.


  • Fbicon Uchenna & Joyce's Facebook: /jragu

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