"This Seems Like the Path Straight to Hell!"
Version United States
Season Season 3
Episode Number 2/11 (026)
First Broadcast October 9, 2002
Viewership (in millions) 8.00[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49) 3.6/9
Episode Chronology
Previous "What If Our Parachute Doesn't Open?"
Next "You Always Just Forget About Me!"

This Seems Like the Path Straight to Hell! is the second episode of The Amazing Race 3.


Teams endure a treacherous bus ride from Mexico City to Tulum, a Caribbean paradise on the east coast of Mexico.

A car collides with a bus full of teams, sending them scrambling to deal with the aftermath, and two teams wipeout on waverunners. One couple with an uncertain future argues over priorities and who in the team carries the power and a magical swim with dolphins isn't so magical for a couple of teammates.[2]


Route Markers

The order of departure from Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas are as follows:

  1. Ken & Gerard (10:36 pm)
  2. Flo & Zach (1:09 am)
  3. Aaron & Arianne (1:11 am)
  4. Michael & Kathy (1:33 am)
  5. John Vito & Jill (1:35 am)
  6. Heather & Eve (2:16 am)
  7. Dennis & Andrew (3:29 am)
  8. Teri & Ian (3:33 am)
  9. Andre & Damon (4:12 am)
  10. Tramel & Talicia (4:28 am)
  11. Derek & Drew (4:37 am)

Andre & Damon left the pit stop ninth, as they did not follow the donkey path correctly in the previous leg, their penalty totaling to 78 minutes.

Teams must drive to Teotihuacán and find the Pyramid of the Sun and climb to the top to receive their next clue.

The Fast Forward instructions were given to them after receiving their clue at the beginning of the leg.

Teams will have to go to Museo Nacional de Antropología and find the voladores (daredevils). Once there, they must climb up a pole and swing around the pole suspended by their feet. Derek & Drew won the Fast Forward.

Teams must take a bus to Cancún and find the San Mariano Marina.

Choice A: Man Power
Team must take a kayak to a designated area to find their clue.

Aaron & Arianne, Ken & Gerard, and Michael & Kathy chose this task.

Choice B: Horse Power
Teams must take a wave runner to a designated area to find their next clue.

Andre & Damon, Dennis & Andrew, Flo & Zach, Heather & Eve, John Vito & Jill, Teri & Ian, and Tramel & Talicia chose this task.

After parking their watercraft to the shore, teams must drive themselves to a ferry that will take them to the island of Cozumel to find their next clue at Chankanaab Park.

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock will have to swim to the bottom of a lagoon of dolphin and find their clue.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must drive to Tulum and find the Diamante K Bungalows to check in.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer in Non-Elimination Leg     Saved from elimination by the Salvage Pass or The Save     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward

 1st place 
Derek & Drew
 2nd place 
Aaron & Arianne
Lifelong friends
 3rd place 
Heather & Eve
Law school roommates
 4th place 
Michael & Kathy
Long-distance Dating
 5th place 
Flo & Zach
 6th place 
Ken & Gerard
TAR3-John Vito-Jill
 7th place 
John Vito & Jill
 8th place 
Andre & Damon
Cop and fireman
 9th place 
Dennis & Andrew
 10th place 
Teri & Ian
Married parents
Tramel & Talicia


  • This episode's title was said by Flo, who thought she and Zach were lost on the way to the Pyramid of the Sun.


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