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The Save
Description Allows a team to save themselves from elimination if ever they arrive last on an elimination leg
Versions Used The Amazing Race (US)
Appearance(s) The Amazing Race 25

The Save, introduced in Season 25, allows a team to rescue themselves from elimination if they arrive last at the Pit Stop on an elimination leg. The Save will be awarded to the team who arrives at the Pit Stop first on the first leg and it must be used before Leg 9. The Save replaces the Express Pass as the prize for arriving first at the first leg.[1] The Save did not reappear for Season 26, as the Express Pass returned as the prize for arriving first at the first leg.[2]

If a team uses The Save on a Non-Elimination Leg, it will be returned to them and the team will still be penalized with a Speed Bump on the next leg as usual.


  • Season 25: Misti & Jim were awarded The Save for arriving at the Pit Stop first in Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. In Leg 4, Misti & Jim arrived last and initially used The Save, but it was however returned to them by Phil after the leg was a Non-Elimination Leg. Misti & Jim were able to reach Leg 9 with The Save in hand, becoming the first team to have The Save without it being used.


  • So far, the only team to have possession of The Save is Misti & Jim.


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