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The Amazing Race Family Edition
Version United States
Continents visited 1
Countries visited 4
Cities visited 50
Distance traveled 11,000 miles (18,000 kms)
Starting line New York City, New York
Finish line Lewiston, New York
Filming dates July 7, 2005 - July 31, 2005
Season run September 27, 2005 - December 13, 2005
Number of legs 11
Number of teams 10
Winning team Linz Family
Runner(s)-up Bransen Family
Weaver Family
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season The Amazing Race 7
Next Season The Amazing Race 9

The Amazing Race Family Edition also known as the Family Edition, is the eighth season of the reality television show, The Amazing Race. It premiered on September 27, 2005 and ended on December 13, 2005 on CBS.


 1st place 
Linz Family
 2nd place 
Bransen Family
Dad and daughters
 3rd place 
Weaver Family
Widow and kids
Godlewski Family
Paolo Family
Dad, mom and kids
Gaghan Family
Dad, mom and kids
Schroeder Family
Dad, stepmom and kids
Aiello Family
Father and sons-in-law
Rogers Family
Dad, mom and kids
Black Family
Dad, mom and kids


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Placements are listed in finishing order:

An * indicates that the contestant appeared on more than one season.
Photo Team Relationship 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102 113 Icon-Roadblock1
LinzFamily Linz Family Siblings 9th 2nd 2nd 3rd 4th 2nd 3rd 2nd 1st> 3rd/2nd 2nd/1st 5-4-2-3
BransenFamily Bransen Family Dad and Daughters 7th 6th 1st 1st 3rd 3rd 5th 4th 2nd 1st/1st 1st/2nd5 4-5-3-2
WeaverFamily Weaver Family Widow and Kids 3rd 1st 5th 5th 2nd 5th< 2nd 3rd 4th< 2nd/3rd 3rd/3rd 2-3-2-64
GodlewskiFamily Godlewski Family Sisters 1st 3rd 4th 4th 6th 4th 1st 1st 3rd 4th/4th Eliminated 7th 4-5-2-1
PaoloFamily Paolo Family Dad, Mom and Kids 6th 8th 6th 2nd 1stƒ 1st> 4th 5th Eliminated 6th 1-1-2-2
GaghanFamily Gaghan Family Dad, Mom and Kids 2nd 7th 7th 6th 5th 6th Eliminated 5th 2-2-1-0
SchroederFamily Schroeder Family Dad, Stepmom and Kids 5th 4th 3rd 7th Eliminated 4th 2-0-1-0
AielloFamily Aiello Family Father and Sons-In-Law 8th 5th 8th Eliminated 3rd 0-0-1-2
RogersFamily Rogers Family Dad, Mom and Kids 4th 9th Eliminated 2nd 0-0-1-0
BlackFamily Black Family Dad, Mom and Kids 10th Eliminated 1st 0-0-0-0

Red = team eliminated.
Orange = non-elimination leg.
Coral = leg number had no mandatory rest period at the Pit Stop and ordered to continue racing.
Purple = team used the Express Pass.
Blue = team who came in last on an elimination leg was saved by the team with the Salvage Pass.
Fuchsia = team used the Salvage Pass to gain a time advantage.
Green ƒ = team won the Fast Forward.
Yellow > = team used Yield< = team received Yield.
Brown » = team used U-TurnBrown « = team received U-Turn.
Gold ∪ = team penalized for Automatic U-Turn.
Blue H = team penalized with a Hazard.


1: An additional task in Leg 4 was presented to teams as a Roadblock but was aired as a miscellaneous task. This roadblock tally is not included for this leg even though every team was shown having a particular member performing it.
2: Leg 10 was double-length, with two Detours and two Roadblocks, and shown over two episodes. The placements listed in the first column reflect the order teams arrived at the leg's halfway point.
3: Leg 11 was also double-length, with two Detours and two Roadblocks; this leg, however, was shown over a single two-hour episode.
4: The Weaver Family was not shown performing the Roadblock on air, as the Linz and Bransen Families had already crossed the Finish Line. The interview after the race with the family revealed that Rebecca was the team member who did the Roadblock.
5: The Bransen Family won "The Final Amazing Challenge" task shown on the CBS website after the end of the race.

Episode titlesEdit

The episode titles are:

  1. "Go, Mommy, Go! We Can Beat Them!" - Billy Gaghan
  2. "How Do We Know We Aren't Going to Get Shot?" - Carissa Gaghan
  3. "I Don't Kiss I Make Out" - Stassi Shroeder
  4. "Think Like An Office Chair" - Rachel Weaver
  5. "We're Getting Out of the Country, Girls" - Tommy Linz
  6. "I'm Sick of Doing Stuff I Can't Do" - Linda Weaver
  7. "You Look Ridiculous" - Phil Keoghan
  8. "How's That Face Feel?" - Megan Linz
  9. "Don't Talk To Me Like I Was An Animal Or Something" - Christine Godlewski
  10. "The Family Christmas Card" - Wally Bransen
  11. "25 Days, 50 Cities, And More Than 600 Consecutive Hours Together as a Family" - Phil Keoghan

Notable eventsEdit




Race locationsEdit

Race Elements
Icon-route Route InformationIcon-Detour DetourIcon-Roadblock RoadblockIcon-FastForward Fast ForwardIcon-Yield YieldIcon-IntersectionSmall IntersectionIcon-Uturn U-Turn
Icon-SpeedBump Speed BumpIcon-Hazard HazardIcon-PitStop Pit Stop

Means of Transportation Required:

Icon-Airport Air travel • Icon-bus Bus • Icon-ferry Ferry • Icon-train Train • Icon-Car Car • Icon-bicycle Bicycle

Leg 1 (New York → New Jersey → Pennsylvania)Edit

  • New York City, New York, USA (Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park) (Starting Line)
  • New York City (SoHo – Eastern Mountain Sports)
  • New York City (Hot Dog Stand on East 91st Street)
  • Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (Washington Crossing State Park) and Titusville, New Jersey (Washington Crossing Historic Park)

Icon-Yield (Unused; Unaired)

  • Philadelphia (Fairmount Park – Belmont Plateau) (Overnight Rest)
  • Mount Joy (Brubaker Family Farm)


  • Lancaster (Rohrer Family Farm)


The first Detour of the race was Build it or Buggy It. In Build It, teams needed to use the materials provided to build a miniature, working watermill. The Weaver Family, the Godlewski Family, the Schroeder family, the Rogers Family, the Black Family, the Bransen Family, and the Paolo Family completed this option. Buggy It required teams to transport a traditional Amish buggy along a 1.5-mile course with two members riding in it. The Gaghan Family, the Aiello Family, and the Linz Family completed this option.

Additional tasks
  • At Eastern Mountain Sports, teams had to pick up camping gear.
  • At Washington Crossing State Park, teams had to choose a rowboat to cross the Delaware River into New Jersey, retrieve a 13-star flag, and row the boat back to the Pennsylvania shore to observe a flag folding ceremony.
  • At Fairmount Park, teams had to pitch tents to receive a departure time.

Leg 2 (Pennsylvania → Washington D.C. → Virginia)Edit

  • York (Haines Shoe House)
  • Washington, D.C. (United States Capitol – Reflecting Pool)
  • Washington, D.C. (Third Street)
  • Washington, D.C. (Tidal Basin)


  • Middleburg, Virginia (Welbourne Manor)

Icon-Detour Icon-PitStop

The Roadblock required a racer to whisper a code phrase ("The sky is blue") to spies walking in the area around the Tidal Basin. Of the fifty spies, ten would reply with another phrase ("The sea is green"). Once the racer had found one of the ten spies, they would receive their next clue. The Detour choices, Heat of the Battle and Heat of the Night, were both part of a full scale American Civil War reenactment. In Heat of the Battle, teams had to transport five injured people to a tent. The Linz Family, the Godlewski Family, the Aiello Family, the Bransen Family, the Paolo Family, and the Gaghan Family completed this option. Heat of the Night told racers to take a keg of kerosene to a table. Once there, they had to fill 20 lanterns with the kerosene and light them. The Weaver Family, the Schroeder Family, and the Rogers Family completed this option. After completing the Detour, the teams had to grab a Civil War flag and take it to the nearby pit stop.

Additional task
  • At the Haines Shoe House, Teams had to search the giant shoe for their next clue.
  • At Third Street, teams had to search for a limousine where an unseen contact would give them a briefcase which they would take to Tidal Basin.

Leg 3 (Virginia → South Carolina → Alabama)Edit

  • Icon-Airport Dulles (Washington Dulles International Airport) to Charleston, South Carolina (Charleston International Airport)
  • Charleston (The Battery)


  • Charleston (Charleston Visitor Center)
  • Huntsville, Alabama (United States Space & Rocket Center - Edward O. Buckbee Hangar)


  • Huntsville (Rocket Park)
  • Huntsville (Rocket Park - Space Shuttle Pathfinder)


The Detour choices for this leg were Forrest Gump or Muddy Waters. In Forrest Gump, teams had to travel to Wando Shrimp Co. to de-head 200 pounds of shrimp. The Schroeder Family, the Linz Family, the Bransen Family, the Weaver Family, the Godlewski Family, and the Paolo Family completed this option. In Muddy Waters, teams had gone to Ridgeville Mud Run to drive through a 3X4 SUV obstacle course which was filled with mud. In the course, if they got stuck, they would have to wait to be towed out. Once towed out, they would have to restart the course. The Gaghan Family and the Aiello Family completed this option. In the Roadblock, two racers from each team rode a centrifuge at 3.2 g.

Leg 4 (Alabama → Mississippi → Louisiana)Edit

Icon-Roadblock (This was not portrayed as a Roadblock.)

  • Talladega (International Motorsports Hall of Fame)
  • Talladega (Talladega Superspeedway)
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Southern Colonel Mobile Homes) (Overnight Rest)
  • Richland (BP station)
  • Madisonville, Louisiana (Fairview Riverside State Park)


  • New Orleans (French Quarter – Preservation Hall)


In the Roadblock, teams had to climb to the top of the Worlds Largest Office Chair. It is a similar to unaired Roadblock in leg 10 of season three. The Detour was Work or Play. In Work, Teams used a two-person handsaw to cut four slices off a log 12 inches in diameter. The Paolo Family, the Linz Family, the Godlewski Family, and the Gaghan Family completed this option. In Play, Teams made their way to a riverboat where they played 21 against a professional dealer. To win a round, the hand of each team member needed to total more than the dealer’s hand, or the dealer must bust (the dealer's hand goes over 21). Once the Teams won three rounds, they would earn their clue. The Bransen Family, the Weaver Family, and the Schroeder Family completed this option.

Additional tasks
  • At the Talladega Superspeedway, teams had to make a lap around the Superspeedway on a partybike.
  • Upon the arrival of Mobile Homes, Teams had to search the mobile homes for a departure time. The teams would have to "rough it" in the mobile home where they found their time.

Leg 5 (Louisiana, USA → Panama)Edit

  • Icon-Airport New Orleans (Louis Armstrong International Airport) to Panama City, Panama (Tocumen International Airport)
  • Gamboa, Panama (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Gamboa Field Station)
  • Barro Colorado Island (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)

Icon-Detour Icon-FastForward Balboa, Panama (Panama Canal-Pier 14)

  • Panama City (Estadio Juan Demostenes Arosemena)


  • Panama City (Miraflores Locks)


In the Race's only aired Fast Forward, team members had to jump in tandem off a 140 foot drop, when all members completed the drop, they would win the Fast Forward. The Paolo Family completed this Fast Forward. The Detour was Rhythm or Coos. Rhythm required teams to deliver four musical instruments to a local club. The musical instruments are saxophone (in Teatro Nacional de Panama), trumpet (in Escuela Simon Bolivar), conga drum (in Casa Góngora‎) and trombone (Instituto Nacional de Cultura). The Linz Family, the Godlewski Family, and the Gaghan Family completed this option. Coos required racers to use binoculars and search within the rainforest canopy for wooden replicas of five local bird species. They have to circle the correct bird species on the provided bird identification card. When all five were circled, they present the card to the ranger who would confirm their choices. The Weaver Family and the Bransen Family completed this option. The Roadblock for this leg of the race required one team member to hit one baseball pitched by a local little leaguer.

Leg 6 (Panama → Costa Rica)Edit

  • Icon-bus Panama City (Terminal Nacional de Trasporte) to San Jose, Costa Rica (Tica Bus Terminal)
  • San Jose (Parqueo Publico Adrian)
  • Poás Volcano National Park

Icon-FastForward (Unused; Unaired)

Icon-Yield Icon-Roadblock


  • Quepos (Malecon)


In the Roadblock, one person from each team searched for a red bean among 800 pounds of coffee beans. The Detour was Relic or Ripe. In Relic, teams had to recover four Mayan relics in Rainmaker. The Linz Family, the Bransen Family, the Godlewski Family, the Weaver Family, and the Gaghan Family completed this option. In Ripe, teams had to harvest 15 bushels of bananas in Frutas Selectas del Tropico. The Paolo Family completed this option.

Leg 7 (Costa Rica → Arizona)Edit

  • Quepos (Playa Maracas)
  • Grecia (La Iglesia de Metal)




The Detour on this leg was Brush or Barrel. In Brush, teams had to go to Taller Eloy Alfaro in Sarchí and painted two cartwheels with the same design as the sample they were given. The Bransen Family, the Weaver Family, and the Godlewski Family completed this option. In Barrel, teams loaded sugarcane in Ingenio La Argentina and transported sugarcane 6 miles to a warehouse of Fabrica Nacional de Licores, where they would find a hidden clue among dozens of rum barrels. The Linz Family and the Paolo Family completed this option. The Roadblock had one person from each team compete in a 50 lap Superkart race.

Additional task
  • At the start of the leg, One team member had to swim to a buoy that had their clue attached to it.

Leg 8 (Arizona)Edit


  • Grand Canyon (Lipan Point)
  • Page (Glen Canyon Dam)


  • Page (Horseshoe Bend - Colorado River)
  • Page (Antelope Point - Lake Powell)


In the Roadblock, one team member had to perform a 360 degree loop in an airplane. The Detour choices in Horseshoe Bend, Arizona were Bearing or Bailing. In Bearing, teams had to locate three locations on three different islands, using a compass bearing. The Weaver Family completed this option. In Bailing, teams had to bail water from a submerged boat and carry it onshore. The Linz Family, the Godlewski Family, the Paolo Family, and the Bransen Family completed this option.

Leg 9 (Arizona → Utah)Edit

  • Monument Valley, Utah (John Ford's Point)
  • Arches National Park (Elephant Butte)
  • Moab (Gemini Bridges)


Icon-Yield Icon-Roadblock

  • Salt Lake City (Rooftop of City Library)


The Detour on this leg of the race was Drop Down or Ride Down. In Drop Down, teams completed a two-stage rappel 270-feet down into Bull Canyon. The Linz Family, the Bransen Family, and the Godlewski Family completed this option. In Ride Down, Teams selected bikes and rode a six-mile course down into Bull Canyon. The Weaver Family completed this option. The Roadblock had team members ski jump into the olympic pool.

Additional tasks
  • At the Elephant Butte, Two team members had to fly by helicopter to Elephant Butte to retrieve their clue.
  • At Heber City, Teams had to find Bart the Bear, who had their next clue in his mouth.

Leg 10 (Utah → Wyoming → Montana)Edit




  • Cody (Irma Hotel)
  • Red Lodge, Montana (Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course – Tenth Tee)


  • Absarokee (Larry Arnold's Green Meadow Ranch)


On the first half of the leg, the Detour was Spike It or Steam It. In Spike It, teams used old-time materials and tools to complete a 20-foot section of railway track. The Linz Family, the Bransen Family, and the Godlewski Family completed this option. In Steam It, teams used buckets to fill the tender of an old-time steam locomotive with 400 pounds of coal. The Weaver Family completed this option. The first Roadblock of the leg featured two team members riding horses to corral six cattle from a holding pen.

On the second half of the Superleg, the Detour was Pioneer Spirit or Native Tradition. Pioneer Spirit had teams attach wheels to a covered wagon, hook up a team of horses, and drive along a quarter mile course. The Linz Family and the Bransen Family completed this option. Native Tradition had racers build a teepee with traditional tools. The Weaver Family and the Godlewski Family completed this option. The second roadblock of the leg featured two team members riding a golf cart while searching for colored balls on the back nine of a golf course. They searched for balls that matched the color of the flag of the cart they picked.

Additional tasks
  • At the High School park, Teams had to help inflate and then ride a hot air balloon.
  • At the Rendezvous Beach, Teams had to get to Garden City as quick as possible, because they would receive departure times 15 minutes apart.
  • Upon the arrival of Yellowstone National Park, Teams had to watch Old Faithful erupt with the man at yellowstone. The Godlewskis saw it in the car but had to wait another 90 minutes to see it with the man.
  • Upon the entering of Irma Hotel, Teams had to dress in period clothing, then take a picture with Buffalo Bill.

Leg 11 (Montana, USA → Canada → New York, USA)Edit

  • Icon-Airport Billings (Billings Logan International Airport) to Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport)
  • Montréal (Square-Victoria Metro Station - Centre CDP Capital Passageway, Underground City)


  • Montréal (Expo 67 American pavilion)
  • Montréal (Trapezium - La Porte J)


  • Montréal (Olympic Stadium)
  • Icon-Airport Longueuil (St-Hubert Airport) to Toronto, Ontario (Toronto City Centre Airport)
  • Toronto (CN Tower)


Icon-Roadblock Icon-PitStop (Finish Line)

The Detour on the first half of the leg, Slide It or Roll It featured curling and log-rolling challenges, respectively. The Weaver Family and the Linz Family completed Slide It. The Bransen Family completed Roll It. The Roadblock required a racer to successfully complete a flying trapeze maneuver known as a catch.

The Detour of second half of the leg was Ship or Shoe. In Ship, teams sailed across Toronto Harbour through Queen's Quay and one racer climbed the 100-foot mast of the Kajama to retrieve a nautical flag. The Linz Family and the Weaver Family completed this option. In Shoe, teams searched through 100 pairs of shoes that were on people walking around to match the pair they had chosen. The Bransen Family completed this option. The final Roadblock of the Race required one person to complete a giant jigsaw puzzle of North America. Once the puzzle was completed, teams were allowed to go to the Finish Line.

In a special challenge, after the race ended, titled "The Final Amazing Challenge," the second and third place teams competed for a new GMC Yukon. Using the maps they completed, all team members ran out to twelve clueboxes, one cluebox at a time. In the clueboxes were miniature cutouts of things they had done on the race. They then ran back to the map and placed the cutout on the state or country they had done the thing in. They then ran back out and continued the same pattern. Once done, teams asked Phil if they were right. If they were right, they won. The Bransens won the challenge. This post-race challenge was shown only at

Additional tasks
  • At the Olympic Stadium, Teams had to ride on a golf cart to Parc Olympique and enter it through the one door large enough for them to drive through. Once there, teams had to search through 56,000 stadium seats for one of three departure times, five minutes apart.
  • At the CN Tower, Teams had to search through the city streets from the highest window on the tower for a route marker.
  • At the Jet Boat Tours, Teams had to make their way by jet boat to a buoy in the Niagara Gorge. Teams were instructed by the clue to take their same boat to Lewiston, New York, their final destination city.

Memorable MomentsEdit


Good SituationsEdit

Bad SituationsEdit

  • Weavers crashing their buggy at the Detour in Leg 1.
  • Gaghans wandering around the wrong reflecting pool in Leg 2.
  • Schroeders getting eliminated in their hometown.
  • Tammy Gaghan having difficulties finding a red coffee bean at the Roadblock in Leg 6.



  • First season not to have a team penalized nor have been told to go back and fix the mistake before checking in.
  • Most number of participants in a race: 40 people.
  • First time visits to Panama and Costa Rica.
  • Linz Family
  • Weaver Family
    • Only team to have three team members under 20 years of age.
    • Rolly, age 14 is the youngest to complete 6 Roadblocks, and the youngest contestant to be in the final three (Jacob of Constantine & Jacob and Romi of Romi & Coral are the youngest contestants to be made it in the final three in standard format).
  • Godlewski Family
    • Highest average placing female team who came in 4th, 3.1
    • Most legs won by a female team who came in 4th, 3 legs.
    • Highest average placing team who were the 7th team to be eliminated, 3.1
    • Lowest average placing team who came in 4th with 3 legs won in a season, 3.1
    • Most legs won by a team who were the 7th team to be eliminated, 3 legs.
    • Most legs won by a team of sisters, 3 legs.
    • Oldest team of sisters to win a leg, 36.
    • Highest average placing team of sisters, 3.1
    • Only female team with three legs won in a season.
    • Oldest female team to win a leg and come in 4th, 36.
  • Paolo Family
  • Gaghan Family
    • Carissa, age 9, the youngest contestant to make it to the midpoint of the race (tied with Adele of Tom & Adele, Jacob of Constantine & Jacob and Romi of Romi & Coral in standard format).
    • Billy, age 12, the youngest contestant to perform a Roadblock.
    • Youngest male/female team to finish in 6th place without winning any leg, 25.75
  • Schroeder Family
    • The first and so far, only team ever to be eliminated in their hometown.
    • Highest average placing team who came in 7th without winning any leg, 4.75
  • Aiello Family
    • First family team that are not blood-related.
    • Lowest average placing male team who came in 8th, 7 (tied with Tom & Terry).
    • Youngest team to be the oldest team in a season, 36.25
    • One of only two male teams who came in 8th without winning any leg.
    • Youngest male team to finish in 8th place without winning any leg.
  • Black Family


  • Least number of countries visited, 4.


Pitstop GreetersEdit

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