The Amazing Race
Ludia Inc
Video Game
November 2, 2010 (2010-11-02)

The Amazing Race for the Nintendo Wii™ is a video game based on the hit television show The Amazing Race. It was released in North America on November 2, 2010.


Similar to the show, Phil Keoghan will give players of the game clues and instructions and players will "travel" to various locations throughout the world while competing against other teams in the game.

“Ubisoft is thrilled to be bringing The Amazing Race to fans of the game show and new players alike so that they can participate in the excitement of the show anytime they want.” --Adam Novickas, Director of US Marketing at Ubisoft

“I’m very happy that we can make everyone feel like extraordinary travelers and athletes while playing the game. I’m excited that kids and families will be able to experience the thrill of the race while competing and feel certain they will understand just how fun it is to actually compete in The Amazing Race.” --Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race

Fictional Teams

  • Kim & Rachel - Students
  • Sandra & Brad - Fans
  • Paul & Ben - Ranchers
  • Simon & Jeff - Athletes
  • Michael & Tania - Soldiers
  • Charles & Sarah - Actors
  • Fred & Judith - Parents
  • Cat & Ingrid - Rockers
  • Jennifer & Laura - Hippies
  • Cassandra & Vincent - Goths

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