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Tara & Wil
Team Profile
Members Tara Lynch
Wil Steger
Age 31 (Tara)
36 (Wil)
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Relation Separated Couple
Occupation Home furniture designer

The Amazing Race 2

Legs Competed 13
Placement 2nd

Tara Lynch and Wil Steger are a team of Separated Couple on the 2nd season of The Amazing Race.


Tara and Wil met five years ago on what Tara calls "a blind date from hell." They travel together frequently, and usually get along quite well, disagreeing mostly on financial issues. According to Wil, the best aspect of traveling with Tara is that they both know what they are doing; the worst aspect is that "Tara has to eat vegetarian."

The pair decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because they are business partners. Wil thinks the experience might bring them closer together, but Tara has a slightly different take: "Our relationship is so screwed up, I don't think it will affect it either way."

The Amazing Race 2Edit

Race History Edit

  • Leg 1: 1st
  • Leg 2: 3rd
  • Leg 3: 2nd
  • Leg 4: 3rd
  • Leg 5: 3rd
  • Leg 6: 5th
  • Leg 7: 3rd
  • Leg 8: 4th
  • Leg 9: 3rd
  • Leg 10: 2nd
  • Leg 11: 1st (Fast Forward)
  • Leg 12: 1st

Tara & Wil finished the race in 2nd place after losing a footrace to Chris & Alex.

  • Leg 13: 2nd


  • After the race, Wil stated that due to the fact that he and Tara were complete opposites, their divorce would be finalized and they remain friends and business partners.


  • First team to win the first leg of the race without using the Fast Forward.


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