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Oswald & Danny



Relationship Best Friends
Teammates Oswald Mendez
Danny Jimenez

Season 2
Place 4th
Average Age 33.5
Average Placing 4

Season All-Stars
Place 4th
Average Age 38.5
Average Placing 2.67

Oswald Mendez and Danny Jimenez are a team of Best Friends on the 2nd season of The Amazing Race, and the all-star season of The Amazing Race.



  • Age: 31 (Season 2), 36 (Season 11)
  • Hometown: Miami, Florida (Season 2); New York City, New York (Season 11)


  • Age: 36 (Season 2); 41 (Season 11)
  • Hometown: Miami, Florida

CBS BiographyEdit

Season 2Edit

Oswald and Danny met in 1994 and gradually became friends. When Danny's life partner died, Oswald was there to help, and in Danny's words, the two "became partners in crime." Oswald and Danny have traveled extensively together, mostly to Los Angeles and New York, but also to Paris, Milan, and Berlin. On their travels, they "had amazing new experiences and most of all, lots of fun."

The pair decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE because they expect the experience to bring them closer together. "Only someone like Oswald could be strong enough to endure the kind of life-changing experiences that a project like this may bring," said Danny. Oswald added, "We balance each other perfectly."


These best friends from Season 2 had a falling out several years ago, but have since mended their relationship and claim to be better friends now than they've ever been during their 12 years of friendship.

Even though these two don't live in the same city, they still see each other quite frequently and are ready to take another adventure of a lifetime together.

Oswald describes himself as compassionate and resourceful while Danny can be described as an adventurous person who tries to keep things real and exciting at all times. Oswald claims to be the more focused of the two a trait that will surely be tested while racing against the all-stars. Their personalities are infectious and they truly enjoy their lives. Both have traveled the globe, speak several foreign languages between the two, and feel right at home on foreign soil.

These two fun-loving friends are eager for the experience that the Race has to offer and are looking to be the team to beat.

Season 2Edit

  • Leg 1: 8th
  • Leg 2: 7th
  • Leg 3: 1st
  • Leg 4: 1st (Fast Forward)
  • Leg 5: 6th
  • Leg 6: 4th
  • Leg 7: 4th
  • Leg 8: 1st
  • Leg 9: 4th
  • Leg 10: 4th (Non-Elimination)

Oswald & Danny were eliminated from the race in 4th place.

  • Leg 11: 4th (Eliminated)


  • Leg 1: 2nd
  • Leg 2: 2nd
  • Leg 3: 5th
  • Leg 4: 1st
  • Leg 5: 4th
  • Leg 6: 2nd
  • Leg 7: 2nd
  • Leg 8: 1st (Fast Forward w/ Uchenna & Joyce)
  • Leg 9: 4th
  • Leg 10: 1st (Fast Forward)
  • Leg 11: 4th (Yielded Eric & Danielle; Non-Elimination)

Oswald & Danny were eliminated from the race in 4th Place just like in Season 2.

  • Leg 12: 4th (Eliminated)

Memorable MomentsEdit

Season 2Edit

  • Eliminated when fatigue took its toll on Oswald at the Detour.


  • Eliminated because they got lost searching for the naval base.



  • First team to finish in the same position in two seasons, 4th place (followed by Kent & Vyxsin, 5th place and Margie & Luke, 8th place, Leo & Jamal, 4th place and Brendon & Rachel, 3rd place).
  • Oldest team to win 6 legs in a career, 38.5
  • First team to win two Fast Forwards in a season.
  • Most Fast Forwards won in a career, 3.
  • Highest average placing team who came in 4th with 3 legs won in a season, 2.67
  • Most legs traveled by a male team in two seasons, 23 legs.
  • Lowest average placing team with six legs won in a career, 3.3
  • First highest average placing team in a season to not reach the final three.
  • Only all-star team prior to the introduction of the Yield to use the Yield.
  • First team to be eliminated in the U.S. territory.
  • First team to be eliminated in New Zealand.
  • First team to be eliminated in Guam.


  • Most legs won by a male team in a career, 6 legs (3 in Season 2, 3 in All-Stars) (tied with Andy & Tommy).
  • Most legs won by a team of friends in a career, 6 legs (tied with Dustin & Kandice and Andy & Tommy).
  • Oldest male team to be the highest average placing team in a season, 38.5

Season 2Edit

  • Oldest male team, 33.5
  • Oldest male team who didn't earn a spot in the final three, 33.5
  • Most legs won, 3 legs (tied with Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil).


  • Youngest male team, 38.5
  • Youngest male team who did not earn a spot in the final three, 38.5
  • Only male team to win a leg (3 legs won).
  • Highest average placing team, 2.67
  • Last male team standing.
  • Highest average placing team who didn't earn a spot in the Final Three, 2.67


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