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Wiki-wordmark This wiki is a non-spoiler site.
The Amazing Race's spoiler policy states that under any circumstance, posting spoilers about the latest or any other future season on this wiki will result in your posts and comments being removed as well as a possible wiki ban. Please refrain from posting spoilers for the sake of our readers who wish to not be spoiled.


Meet the New Racers!

Please note the teams will be determined in the first episode, and as such will have individual pages. Once the teams are determined, their individual pages will be merged with their partner's.

S29 Ashton
Ashton Theiss
S29 Becca
Becca Droz
S29 Brooke
Brooke Camhi
S29 Floyd
Floyd Pierce
S29 Francesca
Francesca Piccoli
S29 Jenn
Jenn Lee
S29 Joey
Joey Covino
S29 Kevin
Kevin Ng
S29 Liz
Liz Espey
S29 Logan
Logan Bauer
S29 London
London Kaye
S29 Matt
Matt Ladley
S29 Michael
Michael Rado
S29 Olive
Olive Beauregard
S29 Redmond
Redmond Ramos
S29 Sara
Sara Fowler
S29 Scott
Scott Flanary
S29 Seth
Seth Tyler
S29 Shamir
Shamir Arenzo
S29 Tara
Tara Carr
S29 Vanck
Vanck Zhu

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International Versions


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