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Linda & Karen
Team Profile
Members Linda Ruiz
Karen Heins
Age 45 (Linda)
41 (Karen)
Hometown Palmdale, California
Relation Bowling moms
Occupation Tennis teacher (Linda)
Homemaker (Karen)

The Amazing Race 5

Legs Competed 12
Placement 4th

Linda Ruiz and Karen Heins are a team of Bowling Moms on the 5th season of The Amazing Race.



  • Age: 45
  • Hometown: Palmdale, California


  • Age: 41
  • Hometown: Palmdale, California

CBS BiographyEdit

Linda & Karen are self-proclaimed bowling moms from Palmdale, California. They met 12 years ago when they joined the local bowling team and have been doubles partners ever since. A major accomplishment for them was winning the California State Bowling Doubles Tournament in 1999. In addition to bowling, they go on family vacations together to Bass Lake in California.

Karen has been happily married for 21 years and has three children. Linda is celebrating her silver anniversary with her husband this year. She is also a mother of three children and teaches tennis.

Linda & Karen describe themselves as "athletic moms who like to compete at everything." They are excited to compete in THE AMAZING RACE 5 so they can see new places and meet new people.

Season 5Edit

  • Leg 1: 3rd
  • Leg 2: 4th
  • Leg 3: 6th
  • Leg 4: 6th
  • Leg 5: 7th (Non-Elimination)
  • Leg 6: 6th
  • Leg 7: 3rd
  • Leg 8: 4th
  • Leg 9: 3rd
  • Leg 10: 2nd
  • Leg 11: 2nd

Linda & Karen were eliminated from the race in 4th place.

  • Leg 12: 4th (Eliminated)

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Got into an argument in Leg 11 when Karen had trouble navigating.
  • Eliminated when fatigue set in on Karen at the Roadblock.



  • First female team to reach the final four.
  • First female team to finish in 4th place.
  • Oldest female team to finish in 4th place, 43.
  • Oldest female team to finish in 4th place without winning any leg, 43.
  • Highest average placing female team who were the 8th team to be eliminated, 4.17
  • Oldest female team to be the 8th team to be eliminated, 43.
  • Only female team who were the 8th team to be eliminated without winning any leg.
  • First team to surrender their money as a penalty for arriving last in a non-elimination leg.
  • First team to be eliminated in the Philippines.
  • First team to be eliminated in leg 12.


  • Only American team (so far) to be eliminated in the Philippines.

Season 5Edit

  • Oldest female team, 43.
  • Oldest female team who didn't earn a spot in the final three, 43.
  • Last female team standing.
  • Highest finish by a team without winning any leg, 4th place.


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