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HaMerotz LaMillion
Created by Elise Doganieri
Bertram van Munster
Host Raz Meriman (Season 1)
Ron Shahar (Season 2 - present)
Country of Origin Israel
Number of Seasons 5
Number of Episodes 118
Network Channel 2
Run February 5, 2009 - present
Running Time 60 minutes
Season Chronology
Seasons 123156

HaMerotz LaMillion (המירוץ למיליון, "The Race to the Million") is the Israeli version of the reality television show, The Amazing Race. It aired two seasons. The first season ran from February 5 through June 11, 2009 on Israeli television. The second season ran from October 4, 2011 through February 11, 2012.




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Countries and Locales Visited

Africa Asia Europe
Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited
Flag of Namibia Namibia 5 Flag of Cambodia Cambodia 5 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
Flag of South Africa South Africa 1 Flag of China China 2 Flag of Croatia Croatia 2
Flag of Tanzania Tanzania 5 Flag of Georgia Georgia 4 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic 2
Flag of India India 5 Flag of Finland Finland 4
Flag of Israel Israel All Seasons Flag of France France 3
Flag of Japan Japan 1 Flag of Hungary Hungary 2
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 6 Flag of Italy Italy 5
Flag of Singapore Singapore 2 Flag of Poland Poland 2
Flag of South Korea South Korea 5 Flag of Romania Romania 5
Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 2 Flag of Russia Russia 6
Flag of Taiwan Taiwan 3 Flag of Spain Spain 3
Flag of Thailand Thailand 2 Flag of Sweden Sweden 4
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam 1, 5 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 4
Territory Season(s) Visited
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong 1
Flag of Macau Macau 1
North America Oceania South America
Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited
Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica 4 Flag of Australia Australia 1, 5 Flag of Argentina Argentina 4
Flag of Cuba Cuba 3 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 1 Flag of Bolivia Bolivia 4
Flag of Jamaica Jamaica 6 Flag of Brazil Brazil 3
Flag of Mexico Mexico 6 Flag of Colombia Colombia 6
Flag of the United States of America United States of America 3, 6


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