"From Hero to Zero"
The amazing race asia 5 - episode 2 gallery-10
While in Bandung, teams visited the famous Walini tea plantation in Ciater for a Roadblock and a Pit Stop.
Version Asia
Season Season 5
Episode Number 2/10 (050)
First Broadcast October 20, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous "The Race is On!"
Next "The Value of Insurance"

From Hero to Zero is the second episode of The Amazing Race Asia 5.


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After a much-needed rest, the teams depart early for their second leg of the race to Taman Mini Indonesia. Although Alphaeus & Brandon are the first to arrive, Taman Mini Indonesia only opens at 6am, giving all the other teams an equal footing to the start of the challenge.

Here, the nine remaining teams have to ride on Grab bikes to spot marked letters that spell out the clue to their next destination - BANDUNG. JK & Mike make great progress, finding the clues first while Yvonne & Chloe and Alex & Will misread their clues, putting them behind in the race.

After Taman Mini Indonesia, the teams race to Cikole National Park for their next Detour challenge. They need to decide between 'Basket Bikes' and 'Bandung Biathlon'. In 'Basket Bikes, teams must ride along a 5KM bicycle trail and deliver 2 dozen sellable eggs in their baskets to the egg merchant. In 'Bandung Biathlon', teams must hit a set of targets with traditional bamboo guns while trekking in a pair of tandem land skis.

JK & Mike (#TARAJKMike), Parul & Maggie (#TARAMagParul), Rach & Vicky (#TARAVickRach) and Alphaeus & Brandon (#TARABrandonAlph) choose 'Basket Bikes' while Tom & Anita (#TARATomAnita), Eric & Rona (#TARAEricRona), Will & Alex (#TARAAlexWill), Yvonne & Chloe (#TARAChloeYvonne) and Treasuri & Louisa (#TARATrezLou) choose 'Bandung Biathlon'.

Alphaeus & Brandon swiftly and carefully finish their Detour challenge, making them the first team to leave for their next challenge. JK and Mike struggle to keep all their eggs in one basket and on their second attempt, tempers flare while they slowly finish their challenge.

Once the teams figure out how to operate the bamboo gun, the Detour is a breeze for most. However, Alex & Will struggle to figure out how to aim the gun and waste precious time in this challenge.

After completing their Detour, teams race to Kebun Teh Ciater for their Road Block challenge. In this Road Block challenge, teams must comb a large section of a tea plantation to find the Hero Wayang Golek, a traditional Indonesian puppet figurine. Once they find the puppet, they can make their way to the Pit Stop located at a nearby hill where Allan Wu and Tara Basro await them.

Although Alphaeus & Brandon, Parul & Maggie are among the first teams to complete their Detour challenge, both teams make a deadly navigation mistake with their GPS, putting them at great risk.

Yvonne & Chloe tear through the challenge, finding the Hero Wayang Golek in no time and putting them first in the race. Tom & Anita and Treasuri & Louisa follow closely behind, giving them 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Despite some difficulties, Eric & Rona and Rach & Vicky manage to get to the Pit Stop securing 4th and 5th place.

While JK & Mike are still trying to fill up their baskets with eggs, Parul & Maggie manage to find their destination and quickly complete their challenge putting them in 6th place. Working closely together, Alex & Will patiently complete their challenges, giving them a comfortable 7th place. It is a tight race for JK & Mike and Alphaeus & Brandon to stay in the race but JK & Mike find the puppet just in time, eliminating Alphaeus and Brandon.

"To bow out like this is such a great shame because we did expect a lot from ourselves." Alphaeus and Brandon said.

Route Markers


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer in Non-Elimination Leg     Saved from elimination by the Salvage Pass or The Save     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward
YvonneChloe 1
 1st place 
Chloe & Yvonne
Beauty Queens
TomAnita 1
 2nd place 
Tom & Anita
LouisaTreasuri 1
 3rd place 
Louisa & Treasuri
Childhood Friends
EricRona 1
 4th place 
Eric & Rona
VickyRachel 1
 5th place 
Rachel & Vicky
Travel Hosts
ParulMaggie 1
 6th place 
Parul & Maggie
Beauty Queens
AlexWill 1
 7th place 
Alex & Will
Muscle Brothers
JKMike 1
 8th place 
JK & Mike
Radio DJs
BrandonAlphaeus 1
Brandon & Alphaeus
Old School Mates