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Elise Doganieri is the Co-Creator and Co-Executive Producer of the CBS reality show The Amazing Race. The reality adventure series follows teams of two (teams of four in season 8) racing around the world for a one million dollar prize. The show hit its 100th episode mark in the fall of 2005 during its ninth season.

The show has won the top reality series Emmy for five years in a row. In 2004, received the Producers Guild Award.

Doganieri's other credits include serving as show producer of ABC's "Profiles From the Front Line" as well as producer and story editor on the pilot for Paramount's "Wild Things."

The series, which premiered in 2001, is produced by Earthview Inc. the production company that Elise Doganieri runs with her husband Bertram van Munster along with Bruckheimer TV and Touchstone TV.

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