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16x8 Elimination
Steve & Allie are eliminated in Malaysia on Season 16.
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A team is Eliminated from the Race if they arrive to a Pit Stop behind all other teams, except in certain circumstances. If a leg is a Non-Elimination Leg, the last place team is saved and may have to face a penalty. If the leg is a Superleg, the teams receive another clue from Phil and keep racing.

There are only three teams not eliminated every Race; the winners, second place team, and the third place team. Every other team is eliminated at the pit stop, unless they cannot finish a challenge. Phil Keoghan may go out to the team's location to eliminate them if they won't/can't finish a task (Marshall & Lance in Season 5, Lena & Kristy in Season 6, Toni & Dallas in Season 13, Maria & Tiffany in Season 15, Dana & Adrian and Joe & Heidi both in Season 16).


The eliminations themselves have now earned the name "Philimination" in the Amazing Race fan community, a portmanteau of the host's name and the word "elimination".

Elimination StationEdit

Main article: Elimination Station

Started on Season 11, a web series followed the eliminated teams as they wait for the race to conclude and ended on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.


Main article: Sequesterville

Sequesterville is a centralized place where eliminated teams are sequestered for the duration of the Race. Here, racers must wait until the Race has neared the final leg.

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