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Debbie & Bianca
Team Profile
Members Debbie Cloyed
Bianca Smith
Age 25 (Debbie)
26 (Bianca)
Hometown Woodbridge, VA
Relation Lifelong friends
Occupation Photographer (Debbie)
High school teacher (Bianca)

The Amazing Race 7

Legs Competed 3
Placement 9th

Debbie Cloyed and Bianca Smith are a team of Lifelong Friends on the 7th season of The Amazing Race.


Debbie & Bianca are best friends from Los Angeles, California and Woodbridge, Virginia, respectively. Bianca is a high school teacher and Debbie works as a photographer. Their primary motivation for participating in the Race is to travel the world with each other and put their combined traveling skills to the test.

Bianca graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in International Affairs and Spanish Art History. She currently works as a high school teacher and is finishing her master's degree of Education (with a concentration in multicultural studies). Bianca's favorite hobbies are traveling, reading and going out with friends.

Debbie, who graduated summa cum laude from The College of William and Mary in under three years, is currently a freelance photographer in Los Angeles. A wild child at heart when she was younger, Debbie now enjoys going to art museums, surfing and reading classic literature.

These best friends are well traveled, and both have lived abroad throughout their lives. They feel their years of traveling has prepared them for this moment, and they are ready to race.

The Amazing Race 7Edit

Race History Edit

  • Leg 1: 1st
  • Leg 2: 6th

Debbie & Bianca were eliminated from the race in 9th place,

  • Leg 3: 9th (Eliminated)




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