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Charla & Mirna



Relationship Cousins
Teammates Charla Faddoul
Mirna Hindoyan

Season 5
Place 6th
Average Age 27
Average Placing 3.71

Season All-Stars
Place 3rd
Average Age 30
Average Placing 4.15

Charla Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan are a team of Cousins on the 5th season of The Amazing Race, and the all-star season of The Amazing Race.



  • Age: 27 (Season 5), 30 (Season 11)
  • Hometown: Phoenix, Maryland (Season 5); Towson, Maryland (Season 11)
  • Born in Aleppo, Syria


  • Age: 27 (Season 5), 30 (Season 11)
  • Hometown: Towson, Maryland

CBS BiographyEdit

Season 5Edit

Charla & Mirna are first cousins from Phoenix and Towson, Maryland, respectively. Both were born in the same hospital in Syria, one month apart. They emigrated to the United States when they were young children. Charla & Mirna know that physically they are quite different, but say they "fill each other's gaps with strengths and weaknesses." In addition, between the two of them, they speak a variety of languages, including Armenian, Turkish, French and Spanish, and have traveled extensively to foreign countries.

Charla says she is married to the man of her dreams and is manager/co-owner of ten sportswear stores. She has a form of dwarfism and says she "certainly does not consider it a physical illness." In fact, she says she hopes "to show the world what I can do and break all stereotypes about dwarfs!"

Mirna is an attorney who graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law at age 23, the youngest in her class. While she describes herself as "sometimes too bossy and controlling," she blows off steam by doing some favorite activities such as running and cycling. Mirna also claims to be a frequent winner at blackjack tournaments.

Charla & Mirna describe themselves as "a unique team, definitely one of a kind, extremely comical and aggressive" and are excited about competing in THE AMAZING RACE 5 so that they can travel around the world and win.


The inspirational cousins from Season 5 are back for another trip around the world. Charla and Mirna have both made numerous television appearances since their time on Race and are eager to capture America's heart once again. Both are now married and ready to start a family.

A highly competitive team during their season, Charla, who stands at 4 feet tall, describes herself as dedicated, passionate and driven to succeed. Mirna describes herself as hard working, a leader, but with a comical side. Her greatest achievement is obtaining her Juris Doctorate at age 23.

Charla proved just how strong she was when she threw a 50 pound slab of meat over her shoulder and helped carry it a quarter of a mile in order to complete a challenge with Mirna. Growing up together taught them how to work well with each other. Both are well traveled and speak several languages.

This motivated duo is proud of the way they played the game last time around and are eager for another opportunity to win the $1 million prize.

Season 5Edit

  • Leg 1: 5th
  • Leg 2: 2nd
  • Leg 3: 2nd
  • Leg 4: 4th
  • Leg 5: 2nd
  • Leg 6: 5th

Charla & Mirna were eliminated from the race in 6th place.

  • Leg 7: 6th (Eliminated)
    • When they land in Dubai, they were shocked to learn that their flight has been delayed for a couple of hours.


  • Leg 1: 8th
  • Leg 2: 8th
  • Leg 3: 8th
  • Leg 4: 7th
  • Leg 5: 1st
  • Leg 6: 1st
  • Leg 7: 4th
  • Leg 8: 4th
  • Leg 9: 2nd
  • Leg 10: 3rd
  • Leg 11: 2nd
  • Leg 12: 3rd

Charla & Mirna finished the race in 3rd Place.

  • Leg 13: 3rd

Memorable MomentsEdit

Season 5Edit


  • Beat Rob & Amber in foot race after they were 20 minutes behind in the last place.
  • The only teams getting from the last place to the 1st place in the same leg.
  • Alliance/friendship with Oswald & Danny.
  • Rivalry with Dustin & Kandice.



  • First team of cousins.
  • First team to have a teammate in a form of dwarfism.
  • Highest average placing female team who came in 6th, 3.71.
  • Highest average placing female team who came in 6th without winning any leg, 3.71.
  • Oldest team of cousins, 30.
  • Highest average placing team of cousins, 3.71.
  • Lowest average placing female team who won a leg and come in 3rd, 4.15.
  • Charla - the first dwarf to enter the Race.
  • Charla - the first (so far the only) dwarf to reach the final three.
  • Least legs won by a team travel more than 20 legs in a career, 2 (tied with Kisha & Jen).
  • First team to be eliminated in Tanzania.
  • First Team to win their first leg on a subsequent race.


  • Highest average placing female team who came in 3rd, 4.15
  • Youngest female team to finish in 3rd, 30.
  • Most legs won by a female team who came in 3rd, 2 legs.
  • Oldest female team to finish in 6th place without winning any leg, 27.
  • Only female team to win a leg and come in 3rd.
  • Highest average placing female team who were the 6th team to be eliminated, 3.71
  • Highest average placing female team who were the 6th team to be eliminated without winning any leg, 3.71
  • Lowest average placing female team with two legs won in a season, 4.15
  • Lowest average placing female team with two legs won in a career, 4

Season 5Edit

  • Highest average placing female team, 3.71
  • Highest average placing team without winning any leg, 3.71
  • Highest average placing team who didn't earn a spot in the final three, 3.71
  • First female team to be eliminated.


  • Oldest female team, 30.
  • Lowest average placing female team, 4.15
  • Lowest average placing team in the final three, 4.15
  • Oldest team in the final three, 30.


  • Charla & Mirna later appeared in the first episode of the tenth season of the sketch comedy series MADtv. They appeared in a parody of The Amazing Race, called "The Amazing Presidential Race."
  • Charla & Mirna can speak several different languages including Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, French, and Spanish.
  • Charla is married and has one child, she also moved to Phoenix, Maryland with her husband.

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