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Unfinished Business
Amanda & Kris



Relationship Dating (Season 14), Engaged (Unfinished Business)
Teammates Amanda Blackledge
Kris Klicka

Season 14
Place 8th
Average Age 23.5
Average Placing 4.5

Season Unfinished Business
Place 11th
Average Age 25.5
Average Placing 6.5

For Amanda & Chris from Season 4, see Amanda & Chris.

Amanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka are a Dating team on the 14th season of The Amazing Race and an Engaged team on the Unfinished Business season of The Amazing Race.



  • Age: 23 (Season 14), 25 (Unfinished Business)
  • Hometown: San Diego, California


  • Age: 24 (Season 14), 26 (Unfinished Business)
  • Hometown: San Diego, California

CBS BiographyEdit

This young couple who met more than three years ago hopes to spend the rest of their lives together, but before taking their relationship to the next level they are looking forward to sharing this experience together. Their favorite shared memory is falling in love with each other over bonfires at the beach accompanied by wine and s’mores. They plan on creating many more memories together on the Race and are hoping to fall in love all over again.

Amanda is a communications student at Cal State San Marcos, but is working at a tanning salon until she graduates. She describes herself as outgoing, talkative and generous. When asked what her biggest pet peeve about her teammate is Amanda says that Kris occasionally doesn’t seem interested when she is talking to him.

Kris, who was once almost attacked by a bear in Alaska, enjoys hunting, fishing and snow boarding. He currently works as a sales representative for a communications company. He has not had the opportunity to travel much outside of the United States and looks forward to the Race as a chance to explore other cultures and compete against the game's best. He hopes the other Teams are as hungry to win as he is.

Amanda and Kris both have a tendency to be stubborn when it comes to a disagreement, but they realize they must be more open to ideas and solutions from one another in order to propel their team into winning the one million dollars. They feel this is a perfect opportunity to work on their shortcomings and any other communication issues they have. Amanda and Kris have so much in common that they complete each others sentences. One shared characteristic is the ability to make friends wherever they go, which can come in handy when racing around the globe.

Season 14Edit

  • Leg 1: 5th
  • Leg 2: 3rd
  • Leg 3: 2nd

Amanda & Kris were eliminated from the race in 8th place.

  • Leg 4: 8th (U-Turned by Margie & Luke, Eliminated)

Unfinished BusinessEdit

The Amazing Race Unfinished Business - Amanda & Kris00:51

The Amazing Race Unfinished Business - Amanda & Kris

Amanda & Kris on their return to the race


Unfinished Business intro cap




Biggest mistake you made in your previous season?
We were naive and trusted too many other teams. We forgot that we were racing for one million dollars.Amanda
Why do you want to run the Race again?
Kris and I want a second chance. We were doing so well until the woodpile in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. We fell behind and then were u-turned, which we were unable to recover from.Amanda
Why do you want to run the Race again?
Since we got u-turned in Siberia and eliminated as a result of not being able to recover from it, I constantly think about what would have happened and how far we would have gone if we weren't u-turned. I know we can win this!Kris


  • Leg 1 (Superleg)
    • Starting Line Challenge: 11th place, received automatic Icon-Uturn U-Turn for the first Detour of the Race.
    • Icon-Roadblock Swim with Sharks: Amanda
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg→: Arrived 2nd, kept racing

Amanda & Kris were eliminated from the race in 11th Place.

  • Leg 2 - 11th (Automatic U-Turn; Eliminated)

Memorable MomentsEdit

Season 14Edit

  • Suffered a damaging blow after they were U-Turned by Margie & Luke causing them to fall into last place and were eliminated from the race.

Unfinished BusinessEdit

  • Eliminated from the race because they couldn't get the Express Pass that would've gave them an opportunity to skip the second Detour option after being given an automatic U-Turn.



  • Youngest male/female team to finish in 8th place, 23.5
  • Youngest male/female team to finish in 8th place without winning any leg, 23.5
  • Youngest male/female team to be the 4th team to be eliminated, 23.5
  • Youngest male/female team to be the 4th team to be eliminated without winning any leg, 23.5
  • First team be given an automatic U-Turn.
  • First team to be eliminated by the U-turn twice in their career, (followed by Jet & Cord).
  • First same team name to be eliminated in the same position. (Amanda & Chris were eliminated in 11th place in Season 4)
  • First team who were the first team eliminated to average higher than two teams in the same season.
  • Highest placing 11th place team without winning a leg, 6.5.


  • Highest average placing team who were the first team to be eliminated from the race, 6.5

Season 14Edit

  • Youngest team, 23.5
  • Youngest team who did not earn a spot in the final three, 23.5
  • Highest average placing male/female team who didn't earn a spot in the final three, 4.5

Unfinished BusinessEdit

  • Youngest team, 25.5


  • After the Unfinished Business season, they got married.

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